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Something Completely Different

23 MARCH 2014 Every Sunday and Tuesday night at 10 PM I do a radio show called “Something Completely Different”. I play a lot of very “different” music – I try to make sure that every song is from a … Continue reading

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Weird Data Game

A friend passed along one of those “list your 13 favourite records” memes. I looked at her list and realised that while she is 10 years younger than me, it seems that the average age of her preferred records was … Continue reading

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So, NASA finally figured out what I’ve been talking about since the mid-1990s, and others for much longer. When NASA (!!!) gets on board with what I think is patently obvious, we’re all in a heap of trouble.

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Elephants talk about humans

So, according to this research, Elephants have a language and we have figured out their word for “humans” and it’s not nice. “it may actually mean “nasty humans coming, run”. My my. Why does this come as no surprise?

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Getty Giving It Away

It seems that the humungus Getty photo archive has decided that it will no longer watermark most of their images, and let people download them for free. They looked at the  obvious facts: It’s a real risk for the company, … Continue reading

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The violence of property

Property is a social construct that is a product of literacy, as it is the substantiation of violence in the form of paper. Regarding the violence, I defer to Derrick Jensen’s discussion from the film “ENDCIV”: …I said, ‘OK do … Continue reading

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Property – MINE, MINING

MINE the seagulls insist – MINE. MINE. MINE. Mine – it belongs to ME. We claim this land in the name of the King. Claim. MINE. This belongs to ME. The King. And so the world was divided and broken … Continue reading

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