This evening

The ever delightful Anne Douris and Nick Boyd came by for dinner. We presented them with a replacement wedding gift, and had a magnificent meal: stuffed pork tenderloin with mashed parsnips and salad (covered with pear and honey balsamic dressing), with a dessert of dates and walnuts. A lot of wine was consumed. Many musical high points, as we introduced them to:

Bobb Trimble’s crazy music from the early 1980s. National Lampoon’s Lemmings from 1971
Sopor Aeternus (from the 90s and 00’s)
Everybody’s In Showbiz by The Kinks from 1972
Doug Hilsinger and Caroleen Beatty’s cover of Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) from 2004
Music for Airports as performed by the Bang on a Can Ensemble. from 1998

Great fun with great people!


About misterwarwick

I am an Associate Professor of Media Theory, Sound Synthesis, Audio Production, and "Digital Things". I am very much involved with issues of Archives, Access To Knowledge, and the pathetic predicament collectively understood as "Civilisation". I am also a composer of electronic music and I have an online music program called "Something Completely Different". I also like to play with digital imaging. I live in Toronto. It's a nice place.
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