Property – MINE, MINING

MINE the seagulls insist – MINE. MINE. MINE.

Mine – it belongs to ME. We claim this land in the name of the King. Claim. MINE. This belongs to ME. The King. And so the world was divided and broken into pieces, the Object, the non-human other, came into being with Property. When one could claim a “MINE” it became a something that was not one’s own self, but was within the field of an articulated self, and with oneself closed off from the world which would forever go silent; leaving the Garden, we were lost to our imaginings in a world.

There was no originary Garden, except insofar that it was created upon leaving it by creating it. It was created by what came first, the Word, and the Word created the conditions for property – the claim of MINE in a world without it. And so the violence is perpetrated over generations. But the violence started with MINE.

And the Earth can vouch for it. The endless MINES like hypodermics withdrawing the Earth’s metals and oils fearlessly ripped from the ground like precious bodily fluids, the mines were MINE before they were dug. They were MINE before the shovel was invented. The MINE as an object never withdraws – it exceeds and metasticises – equally inaccessible as withdrawn but omnipresent and invisible as air. Objects were created by MINE. The mines, as ontological absences, are filled with MINE.


About misterwarwick

I am an Associate Professor of Media Theory, Sound Synthesis, Audio Production, and "Digital Things". I am very much involved with issues of Archives, Access To Knowledge, and the pathetic predicament collectively understood as "Civilisation". I am also a composer of electronic music and I have an online music program called "Something Completely Different". I also like to play with digital imaging. I live in Toronto. It's a nice place.
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