Something Completely Different

23 MARCH 2014

Every Sunday and Tuesday night at 10 PM I do a radio show called “Something Completely Different”. I play a lot of very “different” music – I try to make sure that every song is from a different genre from the previous, or develops the mood into another song that is extremely different. This takes the listener on an emotional journey, and that’s the whole point – to go someplace in your mind and heart – to feel different things.

You can find it on iTunes in the college-university section of the internet/radio or go here:
or here:

So, I’ll now start putting the playlist of each show up, so there is a public record of what I’ve played.

hour 1
The System by Aphrodite’s Child from 666 (Disc 1)
Oh Yeah by Can from Tago Mago
Bell Bottom Trousers by Kay Kyser from 50 of the best
Concerto for Two Pianists and Five Tape Recorders by Terry Riley from Terry Riley
Night Flight To Your Heart Pt. 2 by Tim Hecker from Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again
Kites Are Fun by The Free Design from Kites Are Fun
Ghostyhead by tarentel from The Order Of Things
Solar Blast by Jane Siberry from A Day In The Life
Come Infinite by :Zoviet*France: from Shadow, Thief Of The Sun
Saving Days in a Frozen Head by Kaki King from Dreaming of Revenge
Rock N’ Roll 2 by Pizzicato Five from The Sound Of Music By Pizzicato Five

hour 2
madrone by monkey puzzle orchestra from the placebo effect
The Phantom Of The Grand Old Opry by The River Pilots from Ballad Of The River Pilot
Piece for Tape Recorder by Vladimir Ussachevsky from History of Electronic Music
The Day After by Roger Eno from Voices
Clara by Scott Walker from The Drift
Darkness by Peter Gabriel from Up
Hajnal2 by Venetian Snares from My-So Called Life
Colour Eye by Jon Hopkins from Insides
Mahur by Maneli Jamal from Demo 2006
Keman Rhythm by Two Fingers from Instrumentals
Journey To The End Of The Night by The Hylozoists from La Fin Du Monde


About misterwarwick

I am an Associate Professor of Media Theory, Sound Synthesis, Audio Production, and "Digital Things". I am very much involved with issues of Archives, Access To Knowledge, and the pathetic predicament collectively understood as "Civilisation". I am also a composer of electronic music and I have an online music program called "Something Completely Different". I also like to play with digital imaging. I live in Toronto. It's a nice place.
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