A New Way Of Doing This

So, I now have it set up so that as I write my texts in MS Word (Word), they will appear in WordPress (WP). This makes blogging a breeze. I’m much more comfortable typing in MS Word than the crowded little pest of a box they give you in WP. Also, I can put images into my text and use Word’s text wrapping features which are much simpler than WP. Then the fun begins. I have enabled some sharing systems in WP, and so when something arrives at WP, it is automatically sent to Facebook and Tumblr as well.

So, if I’m feeling gossipy, I can just hang on FB and write comments to other’s posts or respond to same on my “wall”. If I feel I have something “worth saying” in a larger context, I can use MS Word to broadcast to WP, FB, and Tumblr all at once.

My next step is to find a way for Word to broadcast to Diaspora as well. Diaspora’s good at broadcasting, not so good at receiving. Diaspora has other problems, but that’s a different discussion.

Now, another test – will this get through to my target outlets? Nothing like a little SCIENCE to find out….


About misterwarwick

I am an Associate Professor of Media Theory, Sound Synthesis, Audio Production, and "Digital Things". I am very much involved with issues of Archives, Access To Knowledge, and the pathetic predicament collectively understood as "Civilisation". I am also a composer of electronic music and I have an online music program called "Something Completely Different". I also like to play with digital imaging. I live in Toronto. It's a nice place.
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