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Henry Warwick is an artist, composer, writer, and assistant professor in the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, and is a research fellow at the Infoscape Lab at Ryerson. He has a BFA in Visual Systems Studies from Rutgers University, an MFA from Goddard College in Interdisciplinary Art, and a PhD in Communications (magna cum laude) from the European Graduate School in Switzerland.

Originally from Edison, New Jersey, he has lived in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA.

An active artist in a variety of media, his visual art work is on display in a variety of locations in California and his music can be downloaded for free at his website,
He has an artists book he designed called “CODE.X” you can buy HERE. It’s very groovy.
He also does a bit of writing on a number of subjects (witness this blog) and is working on a number of books and articles.

Since 2007, he has lived in Toronto with his wife, Beth, and their daughter, Elizabeth, and their kitty cats.

He is also the host of an online music radio program, Something Completely Different. This can be heard at 10 PM EST on Sundays and Tuesdays HERE.

To contact him directly, email him:
misterwarwick (at) yahoo (dot) com

For some insight into his character, Paul Grant wrote a poem about him. Here it is:

by Paul Grant

for Henry Warwick

At the edge of the old neighborhood
near where the high school
friend will end his damnation
against a bridge abutment,
the cat who smells a hint of destiny
beneath the factory haze starts to
float across the road and dies,
flattened by an eighteen wheeler

bound from North Carolina
with two million cigarettes
and a pound of blow
for the avowed center of the world.
Two weeks of sun and traffic
and he becomes a leather shield
marauding children peel from the pavement
and sail from the bridge above,
an alien wobbling back into his hometown,

now whirling like the dinner-plate spacecraft
of the fifties flicks,
theremin music threatening the world
as it is known to be,
now turning like a saw blade
aiming to cut out city cancers —
smoke, meanness, loss and stillness,
sour as the chuckle of true despair.

His dry heart is as light
as his lost cause is just.


Other trivial facts:
His favourite animals are Cats, Owls, and Moths.
He dislikes driving in the city and would rather ride his bike or take public transit.He is platform agnostic.
He is left handed, but right footed.
He wishes he had more time to practice calligraphy.
His favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring.
He is rather tall (6ft 3in / 190.5 cm)
He used to be very thin, but his metabolism jammed on the brakes, so now he’s working at losing weight.
When he writes about himself in contexts such as this, he prefers to write in the third person, because it sounds more like the long and odd story it is.


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